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Tier one:

Jumpstart Fitness Plan


Pre-designed plans that target specific problem areas,

30-day results & include bonus content such as nutrition tips, fitness hacks, recipes, grocery lists, and recommended products! 


$17-$37 each

Tier two:

Build Custom Fitness Plan (Recommended)


One on one planning (scheduled) 

30-day plan built after assessment, goal setting, and meal planning is complete.

Video content bundle included!

Weekly check-ins 

3 stage plans (minimum or 90-day transformation)


$67 per month

(billed monthly auto draft!)

A la Carte

Specialized Fitness Plan


Meal planning/ Nutrition 

Assessment of goals and needs 

Grocery list 

Prep guide 



$37 each


Janet Harris

(Brookhaven, MS)

" I have already dropped a few pants sizes, my pants now fit right, and my butt as become rounded! I left the gym in a full sweat, I ain't never sweat that hard but the exercises are certainly working just what you said they would work."

Jasmine Lewis

(Selma, AL)

" I like that different exercises work different parts of the core to help flatten my belly. The plan is also helping me tone my arms and butt too!" 

Tawayna Washinton


"Tawayna needed something to help strengthen her core and give her that overall Wow factor with her current fitness routine! As you can see she a fan of the muscles at work."